August 24, 2020

Sorcererhat makes Next even more fun with new Magic DJs

Starting with Next 1.4, users can create new Magic DJs based on their favorite artists and genres

Sorcererhat makes Next even more fun with new Magic DJs

Sorcererhat today updated Next, the music app for iPhone that’s the perfect companion for Apple Music, with new features that make enjoy your music library even more fun.

With the new Magic DJs tab, users can now create new mixes based on a specific artist or genre, in addition to the previous all-library mix. Each mix can be adjusted to use one of Next’s beloved algorithms — Balanced, Rediscover Songs, and Prioritize Favorites —, which were completely rebuilt from the ground up to be more relevant and diverse.

Next 1.4 also has a new algorithm to generate the classic Forgotten Songs playlist and brings a lot of improvements to experience and performance. Additionally, the new Magic DJ mixes are available on CarPlay, expanding our support to Apple’s car platform. Sorcererhat is proud to have created the first third-party app with Apple Music support available on CarPlay.

The new version can be downloaded now on the App Store and requires both iOS 13 and an active Apple Music subscription (or a local music library with synced songs.)