January 26, 2021

Next #tbt, your new weekly dose of nostalgia

Rediscover old songs through notifications every Thursday

Next #tbt, your new weekly dose of nostalgia

Today Sorcererhat updated Next, the music app for iPhone that’s the perfect companion for Apple Music, featuring the new Next #tbt.

Throwback Thursday, also known as #tbt, is a classic internet trend that’s all about nostalgia. Embracing this concept, Next will now send a notification every week remembering users about a song from their Forgotten Songs playlist. This notification also includes the last time that the featured song was played, which makes it feel even more nostalgic.

Tapping the notification will open Next and play the song right away — and will also add other songs from the playlist to the queue.

Next #tbt is automatically enabled when you update Next to version 1.4.3. It requires both iOS 13 and an active Apple Music subscription (or a local music library with synced songs) and is available now on the App Store.