December 28, 2021

Next is now available on Mac

This free update brings Next from iPad to Mac using the power of Mac Catalyst

Next is now available on Mac

Sorcererhat today launched Next on macOS, Apple’s operating system for Mac computers, extending the places where you can use the music app that’s the perfect companion for Apple Music. Next for iPad was introduced just a few months ago and is the heart of this new Mac version, developed using the capabilities of Mac Catalyst.

Next for Mac has all the features that users already love on iPhone and iPad — Magic DJ mixes, playlists, multitasking, widgets, Dark Mode, and even support for the new Shortcuts app on macOS Monterey.

Where to Download

Next for Mac is available as a free download on the App Store if you’ve already bought Next on your iPhone or iPad. It requires macOS Monterey and an active Apple Music subscription (or a local music library with synced songs).

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