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Magic DJ

Finally, a DJ that plays what you like. No requests needed.

Next comes with Magic DJ. It’s like a shuffle mode — but tailored just for you.

Next’s Magic DJ playlist

All your favorite songs are now just a tap away.

When you tap Play, Magic DJ automatically creates a new mix using only songs that you already have in your music library. Its greatest trick is to perfect balance your top hits and some hidden gems, effortlessly playing something that you like.

Next’s Settings page

Fine-tune your mix to dig a little deeper.

Magic DJ works great right out of the box, but you can make it even more personal with easy to use controls. Tap Settings and you’ll see three kinds of mixes to match your mood — Balanced, Rediscover Songs, and Prioritize Favorites. You can also select specific songs, albums, artists, or genres to be excluded from Next, and even tell Magic DJ to not repeat songs in your mix.

Next’s Now Playing tab

Every detail sounds very familiar.

Next is designed by people who use Apple products every day, so everything feels at home and takes advantage of the features of your iPhone.

  • Change between Light and Dark Modes.

    Next is ready to follow the system appearance — don’t matter if it’s black or white.

  • Export playlists from Next to Apple’s Music app.

    Take advantage of native Apple Music features, like sharing, and listen to Next playlists on any of your devices.

  • Stream the music with AirPlay.

    Quick access your AirPlay-enabled devices from the Now Playing tab on Next.

  • Add your Magic DJ and favorite playlists to Siri.

    Play your Magic DJ and playlists just by asking — or add them to your automations using Shortcuts.

  • Take Next to a ride using CarPlay.

    Your Magic DJ and playlists are all available in your car. Just select the Next app on your CarPlay Home to start listening.

They love Next. And we think you’ll love it, too.

Since its launch just six months ago, Next has received great feedback from the Apple community.

“This is truly a gift to all of us music lovers!”

Review on the App Store, United States

“What shuffle should always have been.”

Review on the App Store, Germany

“Next helps me rediscover ‘lost’ tracks and deep dive on favorites from time to time.”

Review on the App Store, United States

“After reading the privacy notice, this app was a must buy — all on device and no tracking.”

Review on the App Store, United States