How to Apply to Sorcererhat Beta

  1. First of all, make sure you’ve already bought Next from the App Store. We’re only accepting new applications from current users at this moment.

    Download Next on the App Store

  2. Download and install Apple’s TestFlight app. TestFlight is required to download beta apps on iOS.

    Download TestFlight on the App Store

  3. Contact Sorcererhat via email with your full name and Apple ID, accompanied by a proof of purchase — a screenshot of Next’s page on the App Store or a copy of the receipt should be enough.

    Email [email protected]m

  4. That’s it! You’ll get a response from Sorcererhat within a few days. Don’t forget to also follow us on Twitter to be the first to know about new updates. Active users in our community have more chances to be included in future beta releases.

    Follow @Sorcererhat on Twitter