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An app to rediscover your music library.

All the songs you already know and love — from today and the past.
Available on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with a single purchase.

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SongCapsule 1.7
Featuring new playlists, iCloud sync, and more.

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There’s no better music taste than yours.

SongCapsule automatically creates playlists that help you explore your music library.

SongCapsule’s Playlists tab

Your most played artists and genres take center stage.

There are some songs that we just can’t stop listening to. With the Playlists tab, you always have quick access to all the artists and genres you most care about — and even those recently added songs that you don’t care much about yet. They’re all here in one place.

SongCapsule’s Forgotten Songs playlist

Do you remember those songs you once loved? SongCapsule does.

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or just seeking classics, listening to old favorites is always a pleasant trip to the past. The playlist Forgotten Songs helps you browse and rediscover hits that you used to play a lot but got buried in your music library. And SongCapsule #tbt can send you a notification every Thursday remembering you about a song from your playlist.

SongCapsule’s Now Playing tab


Every detail seems very familiar.

SongCapsule is designed by people who use Apple products every day, so everything feels at home and takes advantage of the features of your device.

  • New

    Keep everything in sync.

    Create a Magic DJ on an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac and access it later on other devices signed in on the same iCloud account.

  • Buy it once, use it everywhere.

    SongCapsule is available on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with a single purchase. We use the latest Apple technologies to bring it to all your devices.

  • Quickly access your mixes using widgets.

    Add your most played playlists and forgotten songs to your Home screen on iOS 14 or later — and tap to get right into them.

  • Relax before bed with Wind Down.

    Choose your favorite artist or genre to listen to when it’s time to relax with iOS’ Sleep Mode.

  • Change between Light and Dark Modes.

    SongCapsule is ready to follow the system appearance — it don’t matter if it’s black or white.

  • Export playlists from SongCapsule to Apple’s Music app.

    Take advantage of native Apple Music features, like sharing, and listen to SongCapsule playlists on any of your devices.

  • Stream the music with AirPlay.

    Access a list of your AirPlay-enabled devices from the Now Playing tab on SongCapsule.

  • Add your favorite Magic DJs and playlists to Siri.

    Play a Magic DJ or playlist just by asking — or add them to your automations using Shortcuts.

  • Take SongCapsule to a ride using CarPlay.

    All your Magic DJs and playlists are available in your car. Just select the SongCapsule app on your CarPlay Home to start listening.


They love SongCapsule. And we think you’ll love it, too.

Since its launch as Next two years ago, SongCapsule has received great feedback from the Apple community.

“This is truly a gift to all of us music lovers!”

Review on the App Store, United States

“What shuffle should always have been.”

Review on the App Store, Germany

“Next helps me rediscover ‘lost’ tracks and deep dive on favorites from time to time.”

Review on the App Store, United States

“Brings me back to my library after focusing mostly on Recently Added in the Music app!”

Review on the App Store, United States

“If you’ve used Apple Music for any significant length of time, this is a must purchase.”

Review on the App Store, United States

“Tried this app and love it, especially for a large music library owner.”

Review on the App Store, United States

“Such a great app! Adds extra features missing from Apple Music.”

Review on the App Store, Australia

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SongCapsule is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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